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alayna, a singer-songwriter hailing from Rotorua, New Zealand, has a deep sense of reflection and purpose. Raised on a rich diet of Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen, among other esteemed lyricists, alayna has developed a passion for soulful songwriting and heart-piercing lyrics. She is motivated by the desire to create lyrics that have a profound impact on listeners.

In 2016, alayna moved to New York, where she worked with world-class producers, including Maths Time Joy, Astronomyy, and Stint, to create an EP that blends R&B, soul, and pop in a way that is distinctly her own. The EP has received over 20 million streams on Spotify and has been featured on BBC Radio 1, reputable publications, and YouTube channels.

alayna’s goal is to deeply touch people with her songwriting, and her music has inspired several dancers and vocalists to reinterpret her songs. In July 2020, alayna released her sophomore EP, ‘Tender,’ which takes listeners on a journey inward into the workings of a relationship from beginning to end. The EP features collaborations with a range of producers while showcasing alayna’s own artistry, signature vocals, and lyrics.

alayna’s debut album will be released in July 2023, after releasing a string of singles ‘Cherry Tree’, ‘If You Want My Love’, ‘Buckle in Baby’ and ‘Meteors’. This is set to be her most vulnerable and personal work yet, and a culmination of a muti-year journey of writing, self-exploration and lived experience

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Village Sounds New Zealand is a booking agency representing the live touring of New Zealand & Australian artists in New Zealand. The agency focuses on nurturing artists' careers across all genres. The agency prides itself on long lasting relationships built through trust, respect, hard work & enjoyment, values which are reflected through our office culture and the clients we represent.

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