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Juno Is began In 2019 as a multifaceted solo project by musician Mackenzie Hollebon. After spending years being a drummer for several bands, Mackenzie felt an urge to bleed her own personality into a project through learning to sing, play bass, guitar and record her own demos.

Soon after refining her sound and releasing her Debut Ep ‘Creature Of Habit’, Mackenzie submerged Juno Is into the gig scene by playing shows with several different band formations. Her unique, ‘psychedelic dream rock’ sound quickly got recognised around the country.

After moving to Auckland in 2022, Mackenzie began the journey of writing and recording her debut album. This album is being created with the help of several local session musicians, producers and friends. On this debut, the Juno Is sound is exploring deeper into unfamiliar territory, and is laced with rich, funky, psychedelic tones. Expect to hear the debut album near the end of 2023.

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